#5 Building Faith for Life's Journey I(29/12/01)

The Message

By Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Special Guest

1. RHS: Our special guest is Ken Duncan, a wonderful friend of mine, author of the most beautiful book ever put together on America. And I make that statement, never has there been a book on the photography of America that comes close. Kenneth Duncan is in a class by himself.

2. RHS: We have so many celebrated guests in the church. I recognize faces but you'll be meeting one of them later on, Carl Everts. Thank you for coming, Carl. From the time the tower went down you were on the scene as a paramedic. Thirty days working what? 15 hours a day and they gave you a vacation and you wanted to come here. We are very honored and very touched.

Special Music

1. RHS:Sebastian Chang, only 13 years old, an internationally known composer. Composed a piano/violin duet and the violin is being played by Timothy Braun. That will really bring you to your feet.

Piano solo: Moonlight Masquerade

2. RHS: Mandie Pinto is back with us singing a song that was written on September 12. So you will listen to her words and be moved.

Solo: When God's People Pray

Crystal Cathedral Choir Anthem:
What God Has Promised

Prelude & Fugue by Hour of Power Orchestra

O God, Our Help in Ages Past
Now is the Time for Faith
This is My Father's World
Eternal Father, Strong to Save

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