#35 10 Principles to Make Your Dreams Come True(27/07/02)

By Robert H. Schuller

From the Gospel of Saint Mark, these are the words of Jesus:

"If you can believe, all thing are possible to those who believe!" (Mark 9:23)

So be lifted and inspired with the powerful words. And I make a prediction Many of you will to be shocked at how your life will improve dramatically, beautifully, fruitfully because you are coming into what Jesus called the faith world. I call it the world of dynamic positive thinking.

I don't usually make predictions, but I do suggest you get tuned into the Ultimate Reality that stimulates creativity, known as the Higher Power in Alcoholics Anonymous. We know that Higher Power as the God of the Bible, who encourages you to dream great dreams.

What dreams would you have,
if you knew you could not fail?

Today I want to give you the secrets of how to make your dreams come true. I've lived these principles. I've learned them by experience. Let me share with you how to have power in your life. We call our television program the Hour of Power because it puts faith in your life and faith is power! It's positive mental attitude power! It's peace power! It 's smile power! Here are ten principles of how you can make your dreams come true:

Principle #1:
Discover the awesome power of a dream

Discover the awesome power of a dream that becomes a vision. It will capture your heart, your soul and spirit. Open your mind to creative imagination. Allow yourself the courage and the freedom to fantasize until you get a vision.Where do you find the vision? You find it by looking for people who have needs and hurts. The secret of success is finding a need and filling it! Find a hurt and heal it! Find a problem and solve it through the awesome power of the vision. Once the dream grabs your mind it almost has immortal life. Only you can kill it. It's awesome!

Principle #2:
Allow your dream to sit in the driver's seat of your life!

Now you are ready to create, to innovate, and you are motivated. Nothing is impossible to the person whose vision becomes a dream and when that dream is allowed to take control over your life. Because the dream does not fuel itself on fears, it fuels itself on faith. When you grab hold of your dream you are living in a spiritual dimension that the human being is designed to enjoy. That's what the soul is all about.

Principle #3:
Never surrender leadership to negative assumptions!

If your dream is in the driver's seat of your life you will never surrender leadership to negative assumptions. Why do people say NO to good and great ideas again and again and again? Because they assume. The capacity to use your imagination to dream up and create negative assumptions is awesome. Challenge every negative assumption, such as: I'm too old I don't have the money I don't have the connections I don't know the right people. These are all negative assumptions. Don't ever surrender leadership to them. Challenge them.

Principle #4:
Become a good manager of positive assumptions!

Assume, somehow, you can get the education. Assume that you can become a new person. Assume that you can find the power people. Assume that there is a God and assume that He has a plan for your life. Assume that God is trying to get through to you. And then listen to the dreams God has for you!

Principle #5:
Empower your ego

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that ego is sin. It's not. A person without an ego is not a person. You don't destroy your ego; you redeem it, and empower it. Believe in yourself. The Ten Commandments of Moses are given to us so we can empower our egos honestly. A person with a strong, safe, healthy ego affirms: I am somebody! I am! I can! I know I can! I will! World, watch out!

Empower your ego with honesty and humility. You are not being honest when you put yourself down. Watch out for the kind of humility that is dishonest, because that's a false humility. When we empower our egos with honesty and humility we are liberated from ignorant egotism. Get a positive ego, liberated from insecurity, inferiority and low self-esteem. How do you do that? You realize you don't want your own way, it might be wrong. You don't want to make a mistake; you want what is right for your company and your family. That means you listen to positive people, that you will not be afraid to make changes. You move from destructive denial to enlightenment. Wow! Empower our ego.

Principle #6:
Become option oriented

Always ask: What are the options? Check, double check and re-check. Check your options every new morning, every new day, every new week. Why? Because something that was impossible yesterday is going to be possible tomorrow. There probably was a power obstructionist and he is no longer there. Everything is in a constant change. The world is in constant change. That's why I can always be an optimist. Think options and you'll discover something that you never thought of a week ago.

Principle #7:
Develop alternative consciousness and awareness

Let me repeat that alternative consciousness and awareness. Before

You pack up or abandon your dream or give up and walk away, ask yourself, What are the alternatives to NOT dreaming a dream?

Today I give you an opportunity to become a believer in God and a follower of Jesus Christ. Before you say no ask, what are the alternatives? I don't know anybody else who can promise you that life eternal means hope in heaven. Only Jesus Christ.

I read the story the other day of an atheist lawyer who never had time for religion. Now he was dying and he said to his wife, Get me a Bible.

She couldn't believe it. She ran to give him a Bible. Then she left him alone and when she came back, she asked, What are you doing?

He said, I'm looking for a loophole.

Jesus Christ promises eternal security and, as far as I'm concerned, there is no loophole. When my life is over, I know where I'm going. I don't know where it is, but I know I'm going where Jesus went before me two thousand years ago. Develop the habit of alternative thinking. Ask yourself, What are the alternatives?

Principle #8:
Fashion a fruitful flexibility

Fashion a fruitful flexibility versus a concretized personality. People who make their dreams come true are accommodating people. They don't insist on their own way. But they have the attitude, How can I help you? When they have a problem, they admit it and say, You know, I've got a problem. I'm not what I should be. Can you help me? The capacity to compromise is very distinctive and creative in the super possibility thinkers who make their dreams come true. It's what I call creative and redemptive politics. Because what is politics? Politics is learning when and how to compromise.

Principle #9:
Develop the habit of listening

Listen listen listen. I have observed that listening seems to be a lost art today. People have picked up a habit in today's culture of interrupting. They don't wait until you can finish your sentence. Learn to listen listen listen.

Principle #10:
Never give up on the core of your dream

If your dream started in prayer (I hope it did), keep your dream alive by going to a positive thinking church once a week. There is no other institution like the church that can do that. You can attend special seminars and be charged hundreds and thousands of dollars and be promised everything, but there is no institution like the church, where you can come every week and it's free! There you can get in tune with God and it's free! And God can tune into you and God will give you dreams and ideas and motivation! Wow! And you'll come alive! Hallelujah. Never give up on the core of your dream! Never!

Of all the things I've written, I think nothing has been more often asked for than the Possibility Thinker's Creed:

When faced with a mountain I will not quit
I'll keep on striving until I climb over,
Find a path through, tunnel underneath,
Or simply stay and turn my mountain into a gold mine.
I will not quit.

I have dreams. I have always had them. I have a new hundred-year goal. Are you ready for it? I have a dream to keep the Hour of Power; the world and America's first positive thinking televised church service on the screens of the world. And with this positive program on the television sets all over the world, I want to put a new face of joy to whoever is listening. I want to spread Possibility Thinking Faith in this new century.

Do you have a dream today? If you don't, begin by following Christ.

Oh, some of you say, I had a dream but it's dead. Hey! Get out that dead dream. Give your life to Jesus Christ.

If you can believe, all thing are possible to those who believe!" (Mark 9:23)

Prayer: And now may the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. And may God give you His peace and His prosperity in this New Year. Amen.

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