#2120 – With God All Things Are Possible (24 Oct 2010)

The Message

Dr. Robert H. Schuller

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Hymn / Anthem:
Joyful, Joyful
How Glorious is Your Name

The Message

I am 84 years old. I was born in 1926. It was only a couple of months ago that I discovered my birth year 1926 looked like a Bible verse. Is there a bible verse 1926? So I opened the Bible to Matthew 19:26, the first book in the New Testament. These are the words I read, my birth year 1926, and Jesus said: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” I am born under the Bible side. All my life I think about Possibility Thinking and I live with the concept that with God all things are possible!

Wonderful! I want to share with you a sentence, Faith + Focus + Follow Through = Success. Real success in life starts with thinking Big Thoughts.

There was a man who was watching a fisherman trying to catch fish. He watched how he caught fish. The fisherman hooked a big one which he even could not hold and unhooked. There was a big bucket where he would take his fish. He did not throw it in the bucket, he threw back in the water instead. Was he crazy? So he was fishing again, caught fish, pulled it in. It was a little one. He took it off and put it in the bucket. The fisherman kept the little one and threw the big one away.  He pulled back again and got another one. It was another big one. Finally he got the rod and threw the fish back. He fished and got another one which was a tiny one. He put it in the bucket. The man asked, “Why you keep the little ones and throw the big ones away?” He said, “My frying pan is small.” I want you to know who the fisherman is. Look at me.

We all keep safe ideas and the little ones but we throw away the big ones. I want you to take this lesson with you. Keep the biggest ideas that are impossible because nothing is impossible. It is just big and it takes longer.

I have a dream in building a big church. It was 40 years ago. I thought it was not impossible, it would just take longer. It was not impossible, it would just cost more money. It was not impossible, I just needed more smart people to help me. Nothing is impossible! Start to think possibility. Believe in our Big God. Don’t set your goals by the size of your frying pan.

People may ask, “Did you hear Dr. Schuller?” “Yes.” “He gave a great talk?” “Oh yes, he gave a great talk.” “What did he say?” “Get a bigger frying pan.”

“Faith” is where success starts. “Faith” is dreaming that you can do the impossible. So the secret of success starts with “Faith.” Have a dream! What would you do today if you know you could not fail? Nothing kills your dream quicker than your fear of failure. Failure is no sin. Not thinking big enough is a sin. The sin is lack of Faith which keeps you from thinking bigger.

Forty years ago I had a dream in building a great church that had never been built. I had no money. Money is never a problem. Not thinking big enough is a problem. Not thinking long enough is a problem. Not thinking it’s possible that is a problem. “Faith” is believing in a God that is bigger than your problem.  So when I leave this platform in a few minutes, I want you to do something. Dream the biggest dream that you have never dreamt and keep your eyes on the goal. You have to set a goal and say “I am, I can, I will, Amen!”

If you have the faith, your problem would be you may get too many ideas. So you need to keep focus. I have three words that I use to achieve my goal, “Faith, Focus and Follow-through.” In my life God would never let me quit.

I had a dream in building a great church but time was tough. I had a bad accident. At the same time my daughter, Carol, had a bad accident and her left foot was cut off. Then I had a tumor in my brain and it would have to be removed. They cut my hair off, cut the skin tag, drill the bone…… it was tough time. I have been there. I have learnt that tough times never last but tough people do. Four important words kept me going, “I-Will-Not-Quit”.

When you face with the mountain, I will not quit. This is called “Possibility Thinking.” And I wrote a creed, the Possibility Thinker’s creed. When facing with the mountain, I will not quit. I will keep on striving until I find a pass through, tunnel underneath, climb over or turn the mountain into a gold mine. I will not quit.

One of the great memories of my church was one of the leaders in the Possibility Thinking that turned space aspiration into science. The great science accomplishment in the Orange Country happened through him. One day he called me and said, “Do you have some big copies of your Possibility Thinker’s creed? Do you have any left? I need one.” Because he said, “I have just finished talking to the President of the United States, President Kennedy. He called me and said, ‘I need help to put man on the Moon. Everybody tells me that it is impossible. We will never put a man on the Moon. That will defeat gravity which we cannot do. But you do the impossible. I want you to tell me how to put a man on the Moon.’” So my friend said to me on the phone, “I need a copy of your Possibility Thinker’s creed. You have one if I come forward.” I said sure. He said, “It will help us get a man on the Moon.” Twenty minutes later, he knocked on my door and I gave him the poster.

When facing with the mountain, I will not quit. I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine.

I gave him the poster and he put it behind his desk. All of the scientists who helped him would read those words. And they helped everybody think it was possible and they would not quit.

Are you a Possibility Thinker? Does anyone of you believe in God? Yes, wonderful. Because whenever you say impossible, “with God all things are possible.”

I am a Christian; I believe that God came to this world in a human being called Jesus. And you can make him your personal friend. If you go to pray and you want to pray to God, what do you see in your mind? Old man sitting in a big chair? What do I see? I see a man who comes here and His name is Jesus Christ. He died on the Cross to be my savior and he is alive today. My faith is grounded on Jesus Christ. Why do I really believe in God whom I have never seen and whose voice I have never heard? Because I believe in a man called Jesus. He believes in God. I believe in Jesus because He is a believer. I invite you to strengthen your faith and make your own commitment to Jesus Christ. When you talk to God, speak to Jesus. He will make your dreams come true.

Is there a dream that you have and you have packed away from Him? Make it come alive again today. When you go to bed tonight, thank God that you are a dreamer of great dreams. He wants you to make your dreams come alive again. Hallelujah! Amen! 


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